We are a "boutique" HR consulting company founded in 2002, based in Milan and with an international scope.
We deliver with passion scouting, coaching, diversity&inclusion, special projects.

Our clients are international groups and Italian companies that share our philosophy: combining our human touch with a solid network in the sectors in which we are active and a strong methodological rigor.

We are often defined by our customers as innovators, capable of a real "lateral thinking": it is a compliment that we regularly get, and of which we are most proud.

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Our team has extensive experience in international scouting of C-levels, executives, fashion designers and high-potential middle managers: each of our partners is specialized in a different area.

Our scouting team has a special expertise in fashion, luxury, lifestyle.

Great attention in the briefing phase, effectiveness in the choice of the sources we use, significant relational network, thorough analysis of customer needs, profound knowledge of business, psychological attention: these are the key elements that explain the success of our scoutings.

We are recognized as one of the major players in the sector at European level.

We are different:

We speak the same language as our client companies, because we fully understand their mechanisms and processes, as well as their markets.
We like to work as consultants of our customers, helping them perform better.

We are characterized by rigor, method in scouting and our "thinking out of the box": we dedicate a special, sartorial attention to each scouting project.

Executive Coaching

In our vision, executive coaching is an integral part of a company's change management processes: change is achieved only by working on the people who are its protagonists.

Coaching is a real “managerial SPA”, an individual moment for the exchange of ideas, sharing, reflexion, self-enhancement, with a dedicated executive coach.

Our coaching programs are fast, pragmatic, and set with clear and realistic goals.

We have an excellent track record of success in executive coaching: our customers are our best endorsers.

We are different:

We offer a significant range of training offerings in coaching.
We have specific executive coaching programs, with a proprietary methodology, dedicated to C-levels and executives.
We offer team coaching programs, and programs that mix team coaching and individual coaching for middle managers and high potentials.

We were among the first in Italy to offer to our clients specific coaching programs dedicated to D&I (Diversity&Inclusion).
Also, we offer CTA Career Transition Coaching programs.
Lang&Partners is an Organizational Member of the Association for Coaching International, London.


Our strong expertise and our significant relational network have often been made available to our customers for special projects, helping them as business consultants.

For more information about our special projects please contact us.

We are different:

Some examples of projects we have worked on in recent years:

  • we worked as consultants for a TV program dedicated to fashion: we used our relational network relationships to involve some of the hottest names in international fashion

  • we collaborated with a private banking company, which we consulted as business advisors in their approach to the world of luxury;the project proved to be a success in terms of image and business
  • we consulted some of the most promising emerging fashion designers as "business accelerator coach" in their contacts with the business community and with investors, helping them in their business growth.


Since our foundation back in 2002 we have always declared that "We value diversity": diversity for us is not a trend, but a founding value of our way of being and doing business.

Enhancing diversity and inclusion means helping our customers to do their business better, to have a greater rate of innovation and to better face global markets.

The well-being of people, through the enhancement of their specific differences, is one of our strongest ethical values.

We are different:

We provide specific seminars on the topic of diversity&inclusion, which we integrate with individual diversity coaching programs that work on overcoming the unconscious biases we unfortunately all have.

Our clients build, thanks to our diversity coaching programs, long lasting results in terms of cultural change.
We have partnered with ValoreD, on gender equality, and are partners of Parks Liberi&Uguali, which promotes LGBT diversity in companies.

About us

Roberto D'Incau
Roberto D'Incau

Roberto D'Incau

Our founding partner is Roberto D'Incau, born Milanese, with a truly international cultural and professional background.

Roberto has lots of experience in the HR sector, being a former senior partner of international headhunting and HR consulting companies: he has achieved a significant experience at European level as a headhunter and executive coach. He is considered as an opinion leader on HR topics.

Roberto has published several books on issues related to the world of HR; he is also a contributor to various business magazines and a University lecturer.

He has always been personally involved in the issues of diversity.

The Team
The Team

The Team

We are a HR consulting firm with a “boutique” size, and we want to keep this size. We are five partners, each with a different and complementary expertise, and we all share two things: the extreme, sartorial attention to the needs of customers and details, and the desire to deliver to our customers only best in class projects.

At Lang&Partners we always strive, as a group, to provide our customers with the most effective and innovative solution. We try to deserve every day what is for us not just a claim, but a phrase that in these years of activity we have heard repeated to us several times "You are different".

Today we can proudly state that "WE ARE DIFFERENT"!.